Octopus Chime Ball Review

Octopus Chime BallI thought this toy would jingle when it was knocked over and then come back up again, encouraging my daughter to reach and grab.Well, the toy doesn't jingle.The toy sounds like there is a single bell buried in the belly and you have to shake the toy very hard to hear the noise.The starfish hat doesn't squeak, and the ball doesn't come back up again.However, my daughter (now 3 months adjusted age) likes looking at the octopus face and the octopus arms are just the right size for her tiny hands to grab onto.She can pull the toy around and it is light enough for her to move easily.

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Product Description:
Soft, Safe cloth chime ball will always rise back up to make baby smile!Squeek the starfish hat, and jingle the softball-size tummy.

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