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Pem America Cozy Wrap - CamelPersonally, when I saw this online I thought it look a tad orange, but I read somewhere else that the photo didn't do its color justice.They we're right.It's a bit more tan, and it's simply beautiful.I ordered this one over the pink one for my little girl with hopes of using it again later down the road whether or not we have a boy or another girl, and I really think it's perfect either way -certainly not floo-flooy, but neither does it make my girl look like a boy.Origianlly, I ordered it when my baby was two weeks old, and I was quite disappointed when month after month it didn't arrive.Eventually, I just gave up hoping it would get here in time to fit her and figured I'd just have it for baby number two.However, over four months after ordering it it arrived, and on the packaging it came in it said that it's actually for ages 6-18 months.So, I guess my daughter will get to wear it after all, though it's summer with that age range next fall and winter will do.I would think that it's fine for younger babies too, and I suspect that the reason why it give the age range starting at six months is because of how it's soooo cozy it could maybe pose a suffocation risk to newborns.That said, even if it had came closer to when I ordered it I would have still used it, just under close supervision of course.

Anyhow, I don't know what was up with the shipping taking so very long; maybe they have it in stock now since I finally got mine.At any rate, if you want this you should probably order a couple months in advanced.Oh and by the way, honestly I wanted to get the pink one to have it all girly and such, but I knew it was more practical to get the unisex one.Now, if someone offered to get me the pink one too, I'd tell them no thanks.But I'd certainly take another carmel one.(What's wrong with a back up, right?)

P.S.One last bit: if you're thinking of using this as a snug swaddling kind of thing, it won't work.Well, maybe for older and big babies, but it just seems kind of too loose for that to me.
........So, it's been a little while since I first wrote this review, and on second thought I wouldn't quite give it 5 stars.The reason being is that my baby, even though she's on the smaller/shorter end, by eight months could not fit it anymore.There's no way they should recommend this for the 6-18 month range like they do.I'd say 2-6 months is more like it.

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Product Description:
Plush baby wrap. Plush 100% hypoallergenic polyester for comfort and easy cleaning. machine washable. Made in China

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